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Zebra Employee ID Badge Maker

Zebra is one of the top brands in the ID making industry and features a great line of card printers for both low and high-budget programs. Learn more about Zebra employee ID badge makers below.

Create Employee ID Badges with Zebra ID Makers

Many companies of varying sizes now require their employees to wear ID badges or use ID badges to gain access to buildings and other areas of their offices and workplaces. Depending on the needs of the company, an employee ID card might contain the worker’s name and photo, or it could be an advanced multifunctional card that utilizes various security features such as magnetic stripe encoding, proximity technology, and smart card encoding. Zebra badge printers are built to handle any company’s ID badge issuing needs. Because of their reliability, versatility, and strong security features, Zebra ID machines are a widely popular choice for companies large and small looking to issue employee ID badges.

Why Use Zebra Employee Badge Makers?

The mere presence of a photo ID badge displayed on one’s person can enhance workplace security by verifying the employee’s identity. Consider a warehouse environment for instance. Without photo ID badges, anyone could simply walk in and roam the facility. But when photo ID badges are required, a red flag will go up any time someone enters the building without an ID badge. The badge provides visual evidence that an individual is authorized to be in the facility.

Corporate environments offer an example of multifunctional employee ID badges in action. In a corporate setting, where there’s a high volume of employees from full-time workers to part-time and temporary staffers, a secure badging system is key. Higher employee turnover rate, along with the rising trend towards working remotely, presents new challenges for corporate employee ID systems. Zebra Eltron builds some of the most trusted badge systems in the industry and should be considered by any organization looking to start an ID security program.

Most Popular Zebra ID Printers

Zebra Eltron ID card makers are designed to handle the varying needs of companies and corporations in today’s high-security world. Included in the line of Zebra printers are more advanced features capable of producing contact and contactless smart card and proximity card technology, strong password encryption, and advanced networking capabilities.

The Zebra Eltron product line includes badge makers suitable for any type of company or corporation. View AlphaCard's selection of Zebra Eltron photo ID makers.

Zebra ZC300
The ZC300 comes with both single or dual-sided printing capabilities and can print full-colored cards in just 18 seconds. This user-friendly printer features a 100 card input hopper and 100 card output hopper and features WiFi connectivity and magnetic stripe encoding upgrade options.

Zebra ZC350
With incredibly fast print times, the Zebra ZC350 can print full-colored cards in just 16 seconds and features a 100 input and output hopper. It features upgrade options such as dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding, and WiFi connectivity. A large full-color LED/LCD screen on the front of the printer allows for easy understanding of errors and other important information.

Zebra ZC10L Large Format Badge Printer
The Zebra ZC10L is perfect for bigger card programs that are in need of printing a large amount of high-quality cards. The Zebra ZC10L allows for powerful direct-to-card large format printing so you can print VIP press passes, tickets, name tags, and more on demand.

Zebra ZC100
The Zebra ZC100 single-sided printer features fast print times at just 24 seconds as well as great upgrade options like magnetic stripe encoding, and both ethernet and WiFi connectivity. It is designed to be simple, user-friendly and budget-friendly.

Zebra card printers are great for a variety or uses and all card programs whether they are big or small. Find out more about each zebra badge printer model.

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