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Magicard is one of the top ID printer brands in the industry. Learn more about the most popular models and which Magicard printer model is best for your organization below.


Magicard ID Card Printers


As one of the top brands in the ID industry, Magicard offers a full range of systems from basic models to sophisticated printing systems with powerful security features. Magicard badge makers produce high-quality ID badges for use in business offices, schools and universities, membership clubs, and other organizations. Regardless of your specific needs from an ID card program, Magicard ID card printers offer many options to fit card programs of all sizes.


Magicard Card Printer Applications



Magicard ID card printers are designed for a broad range of card printing needs including basic single-sided printing, or dual-sided printing models with lamination capabilities and magnetic stripe and smart chip encoding. Additionally, HoloKote, a full-surface anti-copying watermark, is a unique security feature available with select printers. All Magicard badge printers and systems are user friendly, with convenient features for fast, efficient, and effective ID card issuance.

Popular Magicard Models

Magicard ID card makers come in several models each with various features depending on the size and scope of the program

Magicard Pronto
The Magicard Pronto is one of the most compact and reasonably priced card printers on the market. This portable, all-in-one solution is lightweight and very user-friendly. It can print full-color, edge-to-edge ID badges in mere moments. The Pronto is perfect for low-volume, fast card printing. Best use: small card programs

Magicard Ultima
The Magicard Ultima is ideal for organizations needing a high-volume card printer that can print cards quickly and be used for high-security applications. With both single and dual-sided options available, the Ultima includes magnetic stripe or smart card encoding upgrade options and a 200-card input and output hopper. It can print full-color cards in 36 seconds and supports both ethernet and WiFi connectivity. The Magicard Ultima is a reverse-transfer printer and includes HoloKote with UV printing security features.  Best use: Large-size card programs.

Magicard 300

Designed to give mid-sized card access programs better access to powerful security features, the Magicard 300 system takes advantage of digital shredding. Digital shredding fragments the data sent to the printer after use so the printer cannot be used to access cardholder information. This feature is vital to organizations with high security standards. Print full-color cards in 23 seconds and monochrome in just 6 seconds. Best use: mid-size card programs.

Magicard 600
The Magicard 600 includes similar features to the 300, including digital shredding, but comes with a few extras. The 600 features re-writable printing, a larger output hopper, and faster printing times. Great for schools and mid-size colleges and universities, the 600 model can print full-color cards in just 18 seconds and monochrome in 5 seconds. Best use: mid to large-size card programs.


Magicard Rio Pro 360
The Magicard Rio Pro 360 updates the Rio Pro with faster printing speeds and improved print quality. With single and dual-sided printing capability and a 100-card input hopper, quickly print full-color ID cards in 18 seconds and monochrome cards in 5 seconds. Print times may be slightly slower depending on the exact model. Best use: mid to large-size card programs.


Magicard Prima
For high-volume and high-security ID card programs, the Magicard Prima is the best option. This quick-print printer can create full color cards in 45 seconds and includes upgrade options such as lamination and magnetic stripe encoding. It uses reverse-transfer printing to produce ID cards that are not only detailed and vivid, but also well-protected from everyday wear and tear. Best use: large-size card programs.

Magicard ID makers are great for a variety of businesses, schools, and other organizations. Jumpstart your card program and shop Magicard ID card printers.

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