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Fargo Printer Machines

Fargo printers are one of the top brands in the ID card industry. Learn about popular Fargo models best suited for your organization's ID program.

Fargo ID Card Maker

Fargo ID Card Maker

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Fargo Printer Machines

Fargo printers are one of the top brands in the ID card industry. Learn about popular Fargo models best suited for your organization's ID program.

Why Buy a Fargo ID Maker?

Fargo machines set the standard for secure ID card issuance. From basic entry-level models for smaller card programs to the most sophisticated ID makers on the market today, Fargo stands at the forefront of the industry. Fargo printing machines utilize a variety of unique features to make the printing process as hassle-free as possible, while maintaining the highest level of security. Available features include SmartGuard Security which restricts access to the printer/encoder, automatic card hoppers and cleaning systems, a variety of encoding options, and much more. View the complete line of Fargo ID Card Makers.

What are the Fargo Printing Machine Applications?

Fargo ID makers are used by a variety of schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations and are essential in creating a secure environment. Many Fargo printers can be upgraded to include dual-sided printing, mag stripe encoding, lamination, and many other features desired in an ID card program. Learn about popular Fargo ID card printing machine models below.

What are the Best Fargo ID Makers?

Fargo machines are available in various models each with different features depending on the card program.

Fargo HDP5000

Perhaps the most versatile of all Fargo ID makers, the HDP5000 includes high-quality printing and features reverse transfer printing which produces high-resolution images that resist tampering and lasts much longer than normal ID cards. The HDP5000 is can print full-color cards in 24 seconds and laminated cards in 35 seconds.

Fargo DTC1250e

For companies seeking a more budget-friendly card program, the Fargo DTC1250e is a great option. While less expensive, the DTC1250e doesn’t sacrifice quality coming in both single and dual-sided printing options. It comes with upgrading options such as Ethernet magnetic stripe encoding and allows for printing of color cards in just 24 seconds.

Fargo HDP5600

The Fargo HDP5600 card printer is a powerful printer that is capable of fast, high-quality printing and reverse transfer printing with an optional upgrade to a 600 dpi printhead and single or dual-sided lamination. With a 100 card input hopper and 200 card output hopper, the Fargo HDP5600 is a staple for companies that need to print large amounts of secure, high-quality ID cards.

Fargo DTC1500

The Fargo DTC1500 printing machine is designed to print superior ID cards that are functional and secure. Secure functions include a custom overlay watermark as well as resin scramble data protection to ensure that the cards can never be duplicated and the cardholder information can never be accessed. The DTC1500 allows for both single and dual-sided printing and includes a model that comes with a laminating card feature.

What ID Card Options are There?

Organizations that choose a Fargo printing machine will have a variety of ID card options available to their card holders.

High Coercivity (HiCo) Magnetic Stripe – These more secure magnetic stripes store more information than standard, Low Coercivity (LoCo) stripes, permitting the exchange of information. The stronger magnetic stripe can withstand more wear and tear better and are less likely to be impacted by contact with magnets. Mag stripe cards are great for cards programs seeking membership and rewards, and time and attendance data.

Smart Chip/Smart Card – Smart chip cards look like normal ID cards, except they have a small chip embedded in the front. This type of encoding provides the most flexibility with the amount and type of data stored on the card. These cards are great for data information and storage and multifunctional ID programs.

RFID/Contactless Smart Card – These cards work much like smart cards, except they communicate information through an antenna embedded in the card, and do not require contact with a reader to exchange relevant passenger information.

If you’re shopping for a new printer for your card program or looking to start a card program at your organization, Fargo includes an excellent line of high-quality badge printers that can meet the needs of small, medium and large organizations. Easily start a card printing program with a complete Fargo badge printer system.

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