Businesses in every industry from retail to hospitality can use an ID card printer for a wide range of uses including employee and visitor IDs, customer membership and rewards cards, security passes, and more.

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Are you ready to replace or upgrade your current ID card printer to take advantage of the newest print technology, or looking to buy your first ID card printer? We’ve organized printers from all major manufacturers by industry, so you can find the printer with the most in-demand features used by other businesses like yours.

Employee and school ID systems focus on quick print speeds so you can easily print cards on demand, while government and security systems offer more ways to visually secure your cards and customer loyalty systems for retail focus on larger hopper sizes for batch printing.

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Learn how to Use an ID Card Printer for your Business

Curious how to best utilize your ID card system for your business? Our Industry Solution Learning Center pages target over 25 different industries with tips and advice on how to use your cards.

Industries include automotive, casino, construction, gym and health clubs, in-home services, non-profits, restaurants, ski resorts, and more!

Starter Card Designs for 11 Industries

If you’re ready to design and start printing cards for your organization, but don’t know exactly what you want, our online ID Card Template Gallery has dozens of free templates you can use!

Organized by industry including Schools, Healthcare, Emergency Responders, Membership Cards, and more, these free templates are for use with AlphaCard ID Suite v11 Standard, Professional, and Elite editions.

Download a free card template, or check out all our other design resources in the AlphaCard ID Card Design Resources Center.