Powerful reverse transfer printing, lamination options, an upgrade to include a 600 dpi printhead, and the Fargo quality you’ve come to rely on – the new Fargo HDP5600 ID card printer has it all!

HDP5600 printer features:

  • Single-sided or dual-sided printing
  • Reverse transfer printing technology
  • Comes with 300 dpi printhead, upgrade option for a 600 dpi model
  • Single-sided, full color cards in 24 seconds, laminated cards in 35 seconds
  • 100 card input hopper, 200 card output hopper
  • Magnetic stripe encoding option
  • Options for single or dual-sided lamination
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty with 1 year loaner coverage

This powerful printer uses two different technologies to print clear, high quality ID cards – reverse transfer printing, and an optional 600 dpi printhead.

Reverse Transfer Printing

Reverse transfer printing uses a printhead and colored ribbons like a dye sublimation printer, but adds an extra step to the printing process. Your design is first printed onto a clear transfer film, and that film is then applied to the card. Learn more about reverse transfer printing.

600 dpi Printhead

Dpi stands for dots per inch – in printing this is a way of measuring print image quality. A standard printer has a 300 dpi printhead, which comes in the base model of the HDP5600 printer. For higher quality printing, however, upgrade to the 600 dpi printhead – this allows you to print a higher quality image.

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