ID card software helps you design your cards, enter and store cardholder data, and manage card printing all from one easy place. But do you know how it works? Our card experts are here to help – check out the new Intro to ID Card Software section in the AlphaCard Learning Center!

ID Card Software

Card software is what you use to design your cards, from retail membership cards to employee ID badges. The specific features and functions of your software will vary depending on the manufacture and the edition; basic, entry-level software may only allow a photo and a few data fields while advanced software will have multiple encoding options and large databases.

Encoding Options

Card software is also what you use to encode cards, from barcodes to smart cards. Each style of encoding is designed for a specific use and can hold certain types of data. Barcode encoding and magnetic stripe encoding are the most common types, and can be found in most card software.

Data Capture

Any data capture devices you have for your ID card program will interface with your software – this makes it possible to pull in signatures or fingerprints to add to your database.

Visual Security

If you need to design secure ID cards to improve safety in your workplace, there are many design options you have when creating cards in your software. From holographic overlays to high definition cardholder photos and ghosting, you have a wide range of designs and tactics to choose from.

Photo ID Cameras

The digital ID cameras that come in AlphaCard complete ID systems are designed to work with your printer and software. They make it easy to snap a cardholder photo and add it while creating a card for a new visitor, volunteer, employee, or member.

Learn more about ID card software in our Learning Center.