We’re excited to announce the newest version of our AlphaCard ID Suite software – take a look at all the new features available with AlphaCard ID Suite v11 including Windows 10 compatibility!

What’s new with AlphaCard ID Suite v11?

In addition to being Windows 10 compatible, there are many new features and updates in version 11:

  • Easier, more intuitive card design wizard
  • Ability to copy, import, and export card templates
  • More design options including font weights & styles
  • Service center improvements
  • Additional barcode functionality including high resolution barcodes
  • Improved language translations
  • Full support for Dymo labels (Light)
  • Enhanced database functionality (Standard, Professional & Elite)
  • Connectivity for SQLite databases (Professional & Elite)
  • Fully supported biometrics (Professional)
  • MIFARE DESFire improvements (Elite)
  • Contactless encoding compatibility extended to include more printers (Elite)

Whether you’re upgrading from an older software version or looking into AlphaCard ID Suite for the first time, you can find the best version for your organization with our comparison guide.

Updated System Requirements

With the new version of the software, we’ve also updated our system requirements. Please note that AlphaCard ID Suite is not Mac-compatible, and is not currently supported on Tablets or Surfaces. AlphaCard ID Suite is designed to work with Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

Please note: AlphaCard ID Suite v11 has many new and wonderful features, but users with AlphaCard ID Suite v10 software can still continue to use their software as normal. Upgrading is optional but gives you access to the newest features and functionality.

Learn more about AlphaCard ID Suite v11.