Students at Salt Lake Community College are seeing the benefits of their student ID system. Many services are available to them when they flash their OneCard. Upon registration, each student is issued their ID card with their name, picture, and student ID number printed on the card.

With the OneCard, students at SLCC enjoy benefits both on and off campus. Each card is loaded with $3 when it is issued. The money can be used for everything from printing and making copies in the library to a late night snack from the vending machines and convenience stores. The OneCard student ID also gives students access to the full fitness center on campus as well as the Health and Wellness Center. Discounts from vendors off campus are also available with a flash of the ID card.
The ID Center on campus is the heart of this student ID system. The ID Center is where the OneCard is first issued. The cost of the ID is covered in student fees. Money is loaded onto the cards at the Center by handing it over to an aide who then electronically places it on the card. When a withdrawal is needed, a check is sent to the student upon completion of forms at the ID Center. The ID Center also provides students with transit passes good for light rail and buses around the city.