In response to increasing security risks, hospitals are implementing programs that make it easier to identify who is walking through their doors. With more than 4,000 visitors everyday, hospitals in the Cottage Health system in California are taking extra security precautions and employing a visitor identification badge system.

Patients and visitors to the hospital will be met at an entrance by a greeter who will provide them with a visitor identification badge. They will also be directed to the portion of the hospital they need to be in. In addition, there will be fewer entry points for members of the public. Physicians and hospital staff members will now be entering the building through other secured entrances.
In an effort to provide the safest environment possible for patients, physicians, hospital employees, and visitors, Cottage Health system has also added other security measures. A new video surveillance system is positioned in high priority areas of the hospital and is monitored at all times. The hospitals have also reduced the number of unlocked entrances during the day. There is a single secured entrance at night.