This is important information for all Datacard printer users – Datacard is moving to regionalized ribbons and it will have a large impact on which ribbons you buy and what is available in your region. These regionalized ribbons will save you money and improve the performance of your printer.

Why Switch to Regionalized Ribbons?

There are several key benefits of moving to regionalized ribbons for your Datacard printer:

  • Pricing of legacy ribbons will go up, while regionalized ribbons will be more affordable
  • New regionalized ribbons use less material and are more efficient, reducing waste and environmental impact of printing
  • Regionalized ribbons also enhance the printer’s features & improves printer speed
  • Regionalized ribbons also have better print quality & optimized colors

Which Datacard Printers Use Regionalized Ribbons?

The switch to regionalized ribbons impacts these Datacard printer models:

  • Datacard SD160
  • Datacard SD260
  • Datacard SD360
  • Datacard SD460
  • Datacard CD800
  • Datacard CE840

Printers sold since August, 2016 already include the firmware that allows them to use regionalized ribbons; printers from before August 2016 will need firmware updates.

Which Ribbons Are Regionalized?

Not every ribbon for these printers will be regionalized – the change only impacts the full color YMCKT, YMCKTKT, and YMCKT half-panel ribbons. Monochrome ribbons and black/topcoat KT ribbons will not be regionalized.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For technical information about upgrading your printer to regionalized ribbons, visit our Technical Support site.

To purchase regionalized ribbons, you can shop all supplies for Datacard printers in our Datacard Ribbons & Supplies category. Make sure you select the regionalized ribbon from the drop down on the product page.

For any additional questions, contact AlphaCard to speak to one of our ID experts.