Do you know the key to durable cards that can last years longer than a normal card? Lamination! This adds an extra durable protective film to your cards so they easily withstand swiping, scanning, and daily use.

How Does Laminating Help?

Lamination has two key benefits – it makes your cards more durable, and if you use holographic laminates it will also add visual security.

To laminate your cards you need a lamination film in addition to your normal ribbon. After the card is printed it is run through the lamination module, which applies the lamination film over the card.

This extra layer makes the cards much more durable. These longer-lasting cards can reduce your rate of replacements due to wear and tear, saving you time and money.

Specialty laminates can have holographic images in them to add a layer of visual security as well as durability. This makes it easier to spot fake or tampered with cards.

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