With the new Time and Attendance photo ID systems available today, employee punch cards are a thing of the past. Time and attendance tracking can be easily incorporated into your existing employee ID program with just a few simple components. Time and Attendance systems allow you to create employee ID cards that not only identify employees but also allow you to keep accurate time and attendance logs.

Besides an ID card printer, photo ID camera, and printing supplies (standard with all photo ID systems from AlphaCard), our Time and Attendance system includes AlphaTrack Standard ID card software and a barcode scanner. AlphaTrack provides a user-friendly software platform for ID card design, visitor management, and time and attendance tracking. The barcode scanner makes it easy for employees to clock in and clock out. Place the scanner on a desk in your office, and employees can hold their ID cards up to the scanner. The scanner will read the unique barcode on each employee ID card.
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