Universities all over the country are signing up their campuses for car sharing programs. More than 100 college campuses now have car sharing programs in place. Both U-Haul with its U Car Share and Zipcar are making these services possible to schools and cities across the country. The latest university to jump on board with the environmentally friendly program is the University of California at Berkley.

Four PT Cruisers have been placed around campus for student and faculty use. Students and faculty members must sign up for the U Car Share service in advance online. Then they are issued smart cards to rent the cars by the hour or by day. The smart card unlocks the door to the vehicle through a card reader located on the windshield and keys are located in the glove box. The U-Haul program even provides a credit card to use for fill-ups if the care is running low on gas.
The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana also uses car sharing services. The Zipcar cars are unlocked using smart cards, but members can also reserve cars on their phones in addition to online, and find the cars through a GPS locator.