Chicago Transit Authority is launching a new program that allows users to ride CTA buses and rails and participate in the I-GO Car Sharing program all using one smart card. The CTA has combined with I-GO Car Sharing, an affiliate of a Chicago-based non-profit, in an effort to promote the use of public transportation. The new smart card travel combo provides additional transportation options for Chicago commuters and will help to reduce the impact on the environment by contributing to limiting the number of cars that are on the road at one time.

When customers sign up for the I-GO car sharing program they will also be given the opportunity to add a Chicago Plus Card, an electronic fare card which allows access to the CTA public transportation options. The new program has room for up to 5,000 people who register online and who meet the eligibility requirements. Once they become a member, they receive a smart card that is both used to ride the CTA and to unlock their reserved vehicle. The balance on the smart can be tracked and maintained online and on the CTA side of the program, it functions just like a Chicago Plus Card.
There are nine CTA stops that have I-GO cars near the stops. The CTA has plans to expand more throughout 2009.