Do you want an easy way to extend the lifespan of your ID card printer and ensure the highest print quality? Make sure to have cleaning kits on hand and regularly run a cleaning cycle on your printer.  The purpose of an ID printer cleaning kit is to keep the internal components free of debris, dust, and ribbon dye residue.  Printer repairs & print heads replacements can be very costly, so it is much better to be proactive with maintenance.

Each printer model has a cleaning kit containing supplies uniquely designed to keep it in tip-top shape.   Cleaning kits vary by printer model, but often include cleaning swabs, printhead cleaning pens, lint-free wipes, or cleaning cards.  Every time the ribbon is changed, the printer should be cleaned in order to maintain excellent print quality.

Another trick to help you keep your printer clean is to use a compressed can of air — the same kind you would to clean out a keyboard— to rid the printer of excess dust or dirt.  Having too much dust inside the printer can lead to streaks or other print marks, and can have a adverse impact on the internal electronics over time.

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