Employees working for Montgomery County in Iowa will soon be required to wear identification badges.  The county’s board of supervisor voted unanimously in favor of a proposal to issue ID cards to the county’s courthouse employees.   According to KMA News, the cards will be issued in an effort to augment safety within the courthouse.  The proposal was developed by the County Emergency Management Coordinator.

In an article written by Mike Peterson for KMALand.com, the County Emergency Management Coordinator explained the reasoning behind the proposal, “The big push is mainly for safety reasons and to differentiating between employees and customers in the courthouse in case something did happen. In case we had to evacuate, we would know who’s actually a county employee, and who is a visitor or a customer.”

He went on to say, “Courthouse security is a big push right now, not only locally, but throughout the entire state. It can also be used in the future if the county were to update to electronic locks, or key card access— it could also be used that way, as well.”

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