Basic PVC cards are great if you only need to print a photo and a name – but for truly functional cards that make your day easier, upgrading to encoded cards like smart cards and prox are the way to go!

What Can Smart Cards Do?

Encoded cards use technology to do a wide range of functions – prox cards unlock doors as an alternative to traditional locks and keys, while smart cards have more flexibility.

Smart cards can lock/unlock doors, but they can also be used for network access, to check out items, cashless payment stations in parking garages, cafeterias, libraries, on-campus stores, and more.

How do these cards do it? They contain embedded chips and antennas that communicate with card readers. Smart cards contain more powerful and larger embedded technology than prox cards, so they can store more data and protect it better.

Learn more about prox cards technology and smart card technology in the AlphaCard Learning Center.

What Types of Cards Can I Buy?

We carry a wide range of smart cards and prox cards online!

Smart card options come in several different styles including standard CR80 size, key fobs, and adhesive tags.

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AlphaPass prox cards come in several different styles as well, and provide the same quality of name-brand cards at a fraction of the cost. Shop prox cards:

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