With over 500,000 printers sold to customers around the world, Evolis is one of the leading ID card printer manufacturers. With an eye on responsibility during their rapid growth, Evolis has taken important steps toward being a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

Eco-Friendly Practices

What sets Evolis apart from other manufactures? Evolis constructed an eco-friendly building that recovers rainwater and produces electricity, along with increasing employee recycling and other initiatives.

They also worked with an outside firm to analyze the life cycle of their printers and identify areas for improvement; this study found that the “use” phase when a customer was using the printer to produce cards created the most pollution.

To address this, Evolis took several major steps:

  • Restricts the use of hazardous substances in the manufacturer of their printers
  • The latest generation of printers include an ultra-efficient sleep mode that uses almost 6x less energy
  • Increased capacity of color ribbons to reduce waste
  • Replaced ribbon cartridge materials with recycled and recyclable materials

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