With ID cards for students, staff, teachers, coaches, and volunteers, an ID card system for a school can get complicated fast. To help get ready for the new school year, here are our top resources for schools.

Why Use ID Cards in Schools?

ID cards are used for a variety of purposes in schools – basic ID cards, lunch cards, library cards, and even access control cards in modern systems. This makes a single ID an incredibly useful tool for both students and staff!

But most importantly, ID cards help improve security. Requiring students and staff to display their ID cards, and issuing temporary IDs to visitors, make it easy to spot anyone who should not be in the school.

Complete ID Card Systems

If your school is looking to upgrade or replace older ID card systems, our complete ID systems come with everything you need to start designing and printing cards – and it’s all guaranteed to be compatible and work well together. These School ID Card Systems are designed to meet a range of school card needs, from basic photo ID cards to multi-functional cards.

Free Card Templates

As a special feature for all AlphaCard ID Suite customers with Standard edition or above, we have a gallery with hundreds of free card templates to download and use with your software. Education ID card systems may be especially interested in the Schools & Universities templates for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

These templates are easy to use (see our how-to guide) and customize with your school name, logo, colors, and information.

ID Card Accessories

Many teachers are required to display their staff ID badges while working, and increasingly schools are also requiring students to wear their ID cards. If you are requiring people to display their badges, having the right ID card accessories on had makes this much easier.

  • ID badge lanyards can be worn by anyone, with any clothing, and come in a wide range of colors and styles
  • ID badge reels clip onto clothing and may not work with well with delicate fabrics, but keep ID cards out of the way while working
  • Clips, pins, and magnets work with any style of ID cards
  • ID badge holders help protect your cards so they will last the entire school year

Additionally, many schools decide to custom print their name, logo, or mascot on their ID accessories. You can choose from custom lanyards, custom badge reels, and custom badge holders.

Visitor Badges

If you don’t want to print durable PVC badges for visitors, temporary expiring badges are a great alternative. These badges, available in a wide range of styles with some specifically designed for schools, are either adhesive or clip on with a lanyard, reel, or strap clip.

The badge’s expiring sticker is activated once you issue the visitor pass, and expires after a certain number of hours. This makes it easy for students, staff, and security to spot any unauthorized visitors in the school buildings or on school grounds.

Learn more about how ID cards are used in schools.