Whether you need to fly across the country for a convention or move the printer to a new office in your town, carrying cases make it safe and easy to travel with your ID card printer. Available for most ID card printer models, these cases will help you protect your printer from damage.

Hard Printer Cases

Designed for long-term travel, rugged locations, and flying, these hard transport cases offer the best printer protection. The watertight, dust-proof cases have space for your ID card printer, ribbons, and cards.

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Soft Printer Cases

For short-term travel and easy carrying, these soft cases will save you time and energy. The adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic handle makes it easy to pick up the printer even when it’s carrying extra ribbons and cards.

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Printer Dust Covers

Dust covers provide basic printer protection even when it’s just sitting in your office – dust, debris, and accidental spills can all damage an ID card printer. Anti-static dust covers easily slip over your printer, but can be quickly removed for printing.

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