Are you a gym or health club owner looking to design and print eye catching, professional ID cards for your business? We’ve pulled together all of our best resources for you, from card designs to accessories.

Why Use Gym & Health Club Cards

A gym will have a large number of visitors in and out of the building each day, from staff to members and their guests. Properly identifying each guest is important for your safety, and can help you run your business more efficiently. See our guide to the different ways you can use ID cards in a gym.

Many gyms prefer to use key tags for their members because they are easy to use – members just need to put them on their key ring, and then they are always ready to check into the gym! One thing to note about key tags, though: you cannot print each card individually, you must print all of them (either two or three depending on style) and then tear them apart after printing.

Free Card Templates

As a special feature for all AlphaCard ID Suite customers with Standard editions or above, we have a gallery with hundreds of free card templates to download and use with your software. Gym owners may be especially interested in the Employee ID Card Templates and the Membership Card Templates (gym designs are at the bottom of the page).

These templates are easy to use (see our how-to guide) and customized with your business name, logo, colors, and information.

ID Accessories

If your gym employees need to display their ID badges during work, you have a lot of ID accessories to choose from. A great option is the Anti-microbial Breakaway Lanyard, which come in six colors. These lanyards have two important features for gym employees:

  • The breakaway lanyard design
  • Anti-microbial material

Especially when you work around machines, breakaway lanyards are an essential safety precaution. If the lanyard gets caught on anything it will automatically spring open to prevent injury to the wearer. And the woven material of the lanyard is coated with nanoparticles to inhibit germ grown and kill odor-causing bacteria – important if your gym employees get sweaty during the day!

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