It is always a good idea to have an extra ribbon or two, cleaning supplies, and blank cards on hand if you run out or need to replace something – but can you have too many ID card printer supplies? And do they expire? Our AlphaCard ID experts are here to answer your questions!

What Supplies Do I Need to Print?

To print with your card printer you will need:

How Should I Store My Printer & Printing Supplies?

Your printer and supplies should be stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, like an office or school. Protect all electronics from spills and liquids. Dust can also interfere with printer sensors, so cover your printer if it can get dusty.

Supplies like ribbons, cards, and cleaning kits should be stored, sealed, in their original packaging. Supplies should also be stored away from sunlight because extreme changes in temperature can damage them.

Do Printer Supplies Expire?

Yes, printer supplies can expire. How long they last, though, will depend on how well you store them and protect them from dust, liquids, and high temperatures.

Ribbons can become more fragile and tear easier as they age, and alcohol pens and wipes from a cleaning kit can dry out.

Manufacturers often recommend using your supplies within a year of purchase. This still allows you to keep some supplies on hand without worrying your ribbons and supplies will go bad.