We’ve been singing the praises of the brand new Magicard Rio Pro recently and much of the good feedback surrounding the printer has to do with innovative features that increase the printer’s efficiency including built-in Ethernet connectivity. With Ethernet networking, the Rio Pro is ideally suited for high-volume card printing applications benefiting large networked environments.

Ethernet connectivity allows printer users to print to the Magicard Rio Pro from multiple locations. The printer is available from a Local Area Network (LAN), which allows employees from multiple workstations to print to the Rio Pro. You don’t have to be in the same room as the printer to design and print ID cards and badges.
With the Ethernet networking feature the printing process becomes much more efficient. The heads of multiple departments in a company can all print to the Magicard Rio Pro at the same time allowing for multiple sites for ID photos and cardholder intake. Ethernet connectivity also helps companies and organizations save money since Rio Pro users will not have to purchase an ID card printer for each individual workstation.
In addition to Ethernet connectivity the Magicard Rio Pro boasts a built-in secure HoloKote watermark system and can be upgraded in-field at any time for dual-sided printing. The printer can also be configured with magnetic stripe encoding and contact or contactless smart card encoding.
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