In an effort to build multiple functions into a single ID card, the Washington DC city government has unveiled the “One Card.” The photo ID serves as a resident’s ID card, while also allowing the holder to access public services at locations such as libraries, pools, and parks. Additionally, the card can function as a student ID, and there are plans to integrate the One Card into the Metro public transportation system. It will also be used as an access card for DC government buildings and programs.

The aim of the One Card is to add convenience, and cut costs by incorporating a variety of functions into one ID card program. This June, for instance, children participating in the city’s Summer Youth program will receive One Cards, as will students at all Washington DC public schools next fall. Consolidating different card types into a single program is expected to yield long-term savings for government operations, and offers cardholders a great deal of convenience by eliminating the need to carry different cards for every imaginable function.