To keep your ID card printer working properly, you should keep your printer’s drivers and firmware updated. But do you know what those are, and what this means?

Drivers are essentially software in your printer that communicates with your computer when you plug it in, telling your computer what the printer is and how it works. Firmware is the program that actually makes your ID card printer work. Occasionally, to fix bugs or common problems, a manufacture will release an updated driver or firmware to help your printer run better.

Because these updated are designed for bugs specific to a single printer model, you should only ever use the updates for your specific ID card printer. If you don’t know your printer’s brand and model, that information can be found on the front of your printer or on the bottom near the serial number.

The download files for your printer’s drivers and firmware are available for free on the manufacture’s website.  Visit our Technical Support section for links to all the major manufacture drivers & firmware pages.