Gone are the days of the clipboard and a sign-in sheet. Today’s visitor management systems are much more sophisticated thanks in part to visitor management software like AlphaTrack. Visitor management is one of the most effective ways to increase safety in and around your facilities. Controlling access at a point of entry allows you to keep a record of all those who come and go throughout the day. AlphaTrack provides a powerful platform with tools for secure badge design, employee and visitor tracking, and access control.

There are three different editions of AlphaTrack to choose from that support both small and large end-users. AlphaTrack Standard is designed for businesses and organizations that will be operating from a single work station. AlphaTrack Professional comes with centralized data management tools that support multiple users and locations. For large-scale organizations, AlphaTrack Enterprise provides a platform for operating across multiple sites that have strict security requirements.
Along with visitor management capabilities, each edition of AlphaTrack comes with card design tools for creating professional credentials. Print employee IDs or temporary visitor badges.
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