Prox card systems (also called access control systems) are an efficient and secure way to control who has access to your building, whether that’s a business office or college dorm hall. Prox cards may sound like advanced technology, but our experts are here to help you understand and use your new access control system.

Quick Guide to Prox Card Technology

Inside each proximity card is a copper circuit and RFID radio antenna (yes, even inside a standard 30mil thick card!). This antenna sends your card info to the card reader installed on the door, which compares the card’s info to every card in your system – if the card matches a card registered with your system, it will unlock the door.

Many businesses are upgrading to access control systems because of the added security and convenience. If every employee has a prox card to get in, you can leave the doors locked all day to stop unauthorized visitors from entering the building.

How To Order Prox Cards

When you place an order for prox cards, you’ll need three key pieces of information:

  • The card format (most often 26-bit H10301)
  • Your facility code (usually a number between 0 and 255)
  • The card sequence or range number (the next set of card numbers in your system – each card gets a unique number)

These three pieces of information are also what your system looks for to authorize a card and unlock the door.

If you don’t know this information, contact our prox card experts for help figuring it out. Please note that prox cards are custom coded to your system and not eligible for returns, so getting this information correct is important.

Shop Affordable AlphaPass Prox Cards

Available in a wide range of styles, AlphaPass prox cards work with industry-leading card readers including HID. AlphaPass cards come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty against defects, and are available to ship weeks earlier than many other brands.

AlphaPass prox card options include: