Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are working around the clock right now. Security, patient safety, and quickly evolving hospital policies are important to keeping a hospital functioning. AlphaCard works with healthcare providers to provide them with the hospital badges and supplies they need.

Healthcare Badge Buddies & Essential Employee IDs

Healthcare Badge Buddies (in vertical and horizontal style) are used in many hospitals as medical ID cards to make it easier to spot healthcare staff and identify their role and access level.

Designed to sit behind a standard CR80-size employee ID badge, the Badge Buddy’s bright colors and large text lets visitors, patients, and security staff know who you are.

If your hospital needs to identify essential employees and wants something more durable than printed letters, these new Essential Employee ID badges (in vertical and horizontal styles) work the same as Badge Buddy cards and hang behind your normal ID badge.

Custom Printed Lanyards & Badge Reels

To keep their medical badge easily accessible and visible, hospitals use ID accessories like lanyards and badge reels. This is much more efficient and secure than keeping a card in a pocket or bag, especially when hospital ID cards are swiped to access medication, supplies, secured areas, and more.

Many hospitals use custom printed lanyards and custom printed badge reels that feature their hospital name.

Free Shipping On Orders $99+

AlphaCard wants healthcare and emergency response departments to get their critical supplies delivered quickly with the best shipping value. To help that cause, we offer FREE ground shipping on all orders over $99!