Adhesive-back cards, also called sticky-back cards, are typically used with technology cards that are too thick for some ID card printers. Card information is first printed on the thin adhesive-back cards and then affixed to the thicker technology card.

With so many choices on, it can be difficult to determine which adhesive-back cards are needed. We’ve pulled together a quick sticky-back cards shopping guide to help navigate through the process.
One of the first rules of thumb is to order the same brand of cards as your printer. Magicard printers need Magicard adhesive-back cards; Fargo printers need Fargo adhesive-back cards, period. The cards are different thicknesses and have different backings, and will often not work with other machines.
The next challenge is figuring out whether you need mylar-backed cards or paper-backed cards, especially when it comes to Fargo printers. Mylar-backed cards work in all Fargo printers. The paper-backed cards will only work in older Fargo models and some of the C30 and DTC400 printers. When in doubt, go with mylar.
Fargo offers both CR80 and CR79 sized stick-backs. If you have clamshell prox cards, with a ridge around the edge and a Fargo printer, you will need to use the CR79 cards. If you have a Magicard printer, Magicard brand adhesive-back cards will work with clamshell cards as well.
Curious about Zebra and Evolis brand printers? Zebra brand adhesive-back cards are available, though these Fargo cards often work as well. However, the P100 series printers are not compatible with any sticky-back cards. Evolis printers usually do well with either the Fargo mylar-back cards or Magicard cards.
Call before ordering adhesive-back cards, and our ID experts will help you determine what type of cards you should be using with your printer.