Lawnwood Skate Park in Fort Pierce, Florida has been steadily growing in popularity since its grand opening a year and a half ago. Skaters flock to the park in droves to shoot in and out of its winding concrete bowl, and grind effortlessly (or not) down a myriad of ledges and rails. Because the park draws such a crowd, county officials began requiring all riders to have photo ID cards in order to help them enforce rules and prevent vandalism.

Since many skateboarders and inline skaters are young, and probably don’t have any form of photo ID, the county now has a system in place to produce ID cards on demand, right next to the park. The cards are available to both county residents and non-county residents. Since the card program began in January of last year, 1,158 photo IDs have been issued, including 908 to county residents, and 205 to those who venture in from outside county lines to use the park. Parents have praised the program because it helps to create a safe, clean atmosphere for their free-wheeling kids.