Magicard HoloPatch cards are a unique card technology for exclusive use with Magicard printers. All Magicard printers come with the built-in HoloKote system that adds a secure watermark across the face of every ID card printed. HoloPatch cards are designed to provide an additional measure of security for ID cards printed using Magicard printers.

HoloPatch cards are made from a special cardstock that features a gold “super diffuser” patch. When the HoloKote watermark system is combined with HoloPatch cards, the gold patch highlights one of the individual HoloKote logos creating a high-visibility security seal.
With HoloPatch card technology, ID cards have an easily recognizable security mark that allows for faster visual identification. The gold security seal makes it easier for security personnel or even other employees to authenticate ID badges from a distance. If there isn’t a HoloPatch seal visible, then chances are the card is a counterfeit.
Magicard HoloPatch cards are available with a Hi-Co magnetic stripe, as adhesive back cards or as standard blank ID cards. The cards are compatible with all Magicard printers including the Pronto, Enduro, Rio, Tango and Prima.
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