You’ve probably heard something about Hannah Montana in the past year – the Emmy-nominated Disney channel show and singing sensation Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana herself) were for a long time relegated to children, who gobbled up the snappy pop tunes and watched the show religiously. However, when the time came for Hannah Montana’s first national tour, everyone else began to realize what a phenomenon the show had become.

Tickets to Hannah Montana concerts around the country sold out in a record time, with many of the tickets going to scalpers, who began to sell tickets at extreme markups at online venues like eBay – some tickets with an original value as low as $25 going for thousands more – up to $15,000. It’s an underestimate to say that Hannah Montana is hot, and in demand.
With prices climbing into the hundreds and thousands of dollars, Hannah Montana concerts are, for some, not a parent-and-child activity. In many cases, instead of sitting with their child through the duration of the concert, parents drop them off at the venue and wait for the concert to be over to retrieve their child.
Some venues, like the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH, have set up a special “Parent’s Club” to keep mom and dad entertained and close to their children while Hannah Montana is rocking out.
Parents who are not accompanying their children to the concert are directed, after check-in, to a special area, where they are given an ID badge that is connected to their child’s name. After the show is over, the ID badge helps parent and child quickly – no more endless games of phone tag and wandering around to find a child.