If you’ve ever been to a government building, you know the drill. A security guard inspects your ID card, your belongings take a spin through the x-ray machine, and you stroll through the metal detector, hoping that that filling won’t act up again. However, worries about fake IDs, forgery and attacks have caused concerns among some.

City officials in Jacksonville, FL, have upgraded the security system at all city buildings, hoping to reduce perceived threats. Along with restricted entrances, Jacksonville will soon implement a stricter ID card policy. As always, city employees with a valid ID will be able to bypass security checkpoints. In the future, though, visitors to city buildings and government offices will show their ID to a special turnstile instead of a security guard. Equipped with a card reader and verification device, the turnstile will only operate and let visitors through when their ID is validated.
This new layer of security will help officials better discern just who is allowed into city buildings, and the automated verification process will speed up visitor intake and conclusively settle any debates over ID authenticity. Using an ID card system like our Premium Photo ID System helps ensure that all cards are secure and tamper-proof.