Starting a customer loyalty program can go a long way to building lasting relationships with your customers. It seems like you can’t shop anywhere today without being offered the many perks that come along with signing up for a loyalty card. Whether it’s a frequent scoop card at your local frozen yogurt shop, a card that entitles you to discounts at your favorite clothing store, or a card that gives you access to special sales and promotions at a grocery store, customer loyalty programs offer a way for businesses of all genres to show their appreciation for their customers.

Using a photo ID system, you can easily create custom, professional, and personalized ID cards for your customers. Loyalty and gift card programs increase the chances of return visits from your customers, and also allow you to keep track of your customer base.
The cards can be used to acknowledge frequent visits and award points to your customers according to their level of spending in your business. Using your ID card system you can offer your customers product discounts, points toward merchandise, and record useful information about their buying preferences at the same time.
All AlphaCard photo ID systems come with a printer, photo ID software, an ID camera, and printing supplies. The components of the system work seamlessly together to help you create custom ID card designs and manage cardholder records.