If you’re required to have your ID badge facing forward at all times, do you know how to do that? In the healthcare industry, which includes hospitals and pharmacies, employees are required to always have their badges visible. It’s easy with the new B-reels, specially designed to always snap into place facing outward!

While specific laws may vary from state to state, most healthcare organizations have similar laws about their ID cards:

  • The cards must include a current photo
  • The card must include the employees full name
  • The card must also include the name of the hospital or healthcare facility
  • The card must include their title
  • And the card must always face forward so the card information is visible at all times

These rules are put in place to ensure only authorized personnel have access to classified patient information and materials.

To help ensure that an employee’s badge faces out while staying out of the way while working, B-reels have a unique design. The cord is attached to a rounded plastic part that can only fit into the body of the reel in one position, so it will automatically flip around to fit.

Available with a swivel hook with teeth to attach to clothing, or a swivel belt clip, these B-reels are easy to use and help keep your healthcare facility and employees safe.

And if you need inspiration or help designing new healthcare ID badges, check out our free library of healthcare ID templates!