Do you need to secure your ID card system or printer to prevent tampering or theft? Don’t worry, there are several options to choose from depending on what part of the system you need to protect!

Why Secure Your Printer?

If your organization needs secure ID cards, protecting your ID card system will help prevent a thief from gaining access to your ribbons, cards, and software. If they can get a copy of your database or card printing materials, they could create fake cards that give them unauthorized access to your facilities or information.

Printer Security

When it comes to physically securing your card printer, you have two main options – locking the printer, and locking the card hoppers.

Locking the printer has several benefits, firstly that unauthorized people cannot use or access the printer unless they have the key to unlock it. This also prevents people from opening a printer and stealing the ribbon – the imprint of cards you’ve printed is left on the used ribbon, so they could see your design and copy it to create fake cards.

Locking the card hoppers stops people from taking your cards, both the printed ones and the blank ones. If you have embedded security features in your cards, like holograms, taking the blank cardstock would allow a counterfeiter to print their fake design on your real cards. Or they could take finished cards left in the hopper to tamper with or duplicate.

Software Security

If you want to secure your card software, card designs, and cardholder database, look for ID card software that allows you to password protect your accounts.

You can also create separate user accounts with different levels of access so anyone who needs to see data card look it up, but only a few people can edit or change the data. In addition, you can password protect your computers so unauthorized users cannot gain access to information that way as well.

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