A court employee in Cebu City, Philippines was reprimanded and gave a public apology recently. His crime? Not truancy, nor slacking off on the job, or supply theft – but forgetting to wear his ID badge. All workers in the Philippines are required to have a publicly displayed ID badge at all times, identifying who they are, who they work for, and why they are where they are at the time.

Jerry Alarde, a utility worker in the court system, was charged with not wearing his ID and causing a fracas when a security guard questioned where his badge was. Alarde, who was tasked with picking up and delivering large quantities of office supplies, says that he did not notice his badge was not on his shirt until he arrived at the courthouse. After a confrontation with the security guard; the guard’s supervisor reported the incident to Judge de Gracia of the Regional Trial Court, who ordered the public apology.
Alarde has promised that he will wear his employee ID badge faithfully from now on.