The Datacard SD460 ID card printer has a host of impressive features – it’s a dual-sided printer with lamination. And tactile impression printing adds a unique layer of security not seen on most other printers.

Overview of the SD460

First, the basics you’ll need to know about this printer:

  • Printing Capability: Dual-sided
  • Print Technology: Dye sublimation
  • Print Speed: Full color, dual-sided cards in 20 seconds
  • Input/Output Hopper: 100/100
  • Warranty: 30 months (2.5 years)

Additionally, the SD460 comes with built-in lamination – and you can choose from single-sided or dual-sided lamination!

Secure Tactile Impression

But the most important feature of this printer is Datacard’s unique tactile impression die – this allows you to imprint a design into your card, creating security you can see and feel, creating a seal that is physically pressed into your cards.

This makes it easy to identify authentic cards both visually and by feel. You can also see if a card has been tampered with – the die is impressed over the lamination film, which will tear if someone tries to remove the lamination to tamper with the card.

You have several important choices to make when selecting your tactile impression die. First, which pattern do you want? Your choices include:

  • Education design
  • Medical design
  • Global design
  • Security design
  • Bank design
  • Custom design for your organization

Then you’ll need to select which track you want the die installed on; this means where on the card you want the design stamped. Imagine a standard card, in horizontal (landscape) orientation, divided into three horizontal sections across the card. Track 1 goes along the top section of the card, Track 2 goes along the middle of the card, and Track 3 goes along the bottom of the card.

Within each track, you can imprint the die multiple times (but be careful – you should never imprint over a magnetic stripe or smart card chip).

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