Datacard recently introduced two new printers to the ID scene that are eco-friendly and have a penchant for speed. The SD260 single-sided printer and the SD360 dual-sided printer produce 200 single-sided cards per hour or 155 dual-sided cards per hour – 33% faster than other printers in their class.

Datacard’s TruePick™ card handling reduces card jams and produces clean ID cards. With a 100-card input hopper and 25-card output hopper the SD260 and SD360 can easily handle batch printing. Each printer also comes with TrueMatch™ printing technology, which creates vibrant, crisp, and clean ID badges that are as secure as they are visually impressive. With built-in Ethernet the Datacard printers can be incorporated into a networked environment with ease.

Not only are the SD260 and SD360 efficient, they’re eco-conscious as well. Both come with ENERGY STAR® certification and EcoPure® additive biodegradable cores. The printers even come with recyclable packaging.

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