Proximity cards are used in a wide range of industries, from securing college dorms to limiting access to server rooms at your business. But the costs of replacement cards can drive organizations to delay updates to their systems or issuing cards to new cardholders – until now!

Benefits of AlphaPass Prox

Our AlphaPass prox cards are designed to give customers all the benefits of access control systems without the costs and lead times associated with name brand cards:

  • Orders ship within 1-3 days, not weeks
  • Save up to 45% over comparable HID cards
  • Compatible with multiple readers including HID and Indala

Wide Variety of Prox Cards Available

Standard AlphaPass prox cards are available in two styles, both the standard CR-80 card size. AlphaPass prox cards available in both PVC and composite materials, both of which are designed to be printed on using your ID card printer. AlphaPass prox cards with magnetic stripe feature HiCo magnetic stripes, and are also available in your choice of PVC or composite materials.

AlphaPass clamshell cards are made from two layers of rigid PVC, giving you a card that’s thicker than a standard CR80 ID card. You cannot print on clamshell cards because of their size; instead, you can print on adhesive-backed CR79 cards and apply them to the surface of clamshell cards.

AlphaPass key fobs are incredibly useful prox cards made from durable PVC and designed to fit on your key ring. Despite their small size, these key fobs have the same functionality as a full-sized prox card.

AlphaPass adhesive tags are small prox card disks with adhesive backs that turn other objects into prox cards. They are most commonly used with existing ID cards, so you can stick them on the cards you already have instead of reprinting your cards.

Not Sure Which Prox Cards You Need?

Ordering prox cards doesn’t need to be difficult, with our prox experts here to help you! Fill out this prox card form to get more information.