Prox cards, like affordable AlphaPass cards, add efficiency to your day – they are the fastest and easiest way to unlock the door at work, at the gym, at the pool, or anywhere else that needs to restrict or track access. To keep cards close at hand for easy access, many organizations will slot punch their cards.

Benefits of Slot Punching Cards

If you don’t put your cards in badge holders but still want to use them with ID accessories like lanyards and badge reels, you’ll need to slot punch your cards so there’s a hole to attach the accessory.

These ID accessories keep your cards nearby so you can quickly produce the card to unlock doors throughout the day without digging through a bag to find the key card.

How to Safely Slot Punch Prox Cards

Prox cards have an embedded copper coil inside the card, which allows it to communicate with the door reader. If you slot punch your card in the wrong spot you can cut that coil, breaking your card!

To avoid breaking your prox cards, you should ONLY slot punch them on the marked slot punch guides. Most manufacturers mark these spots with small dots on the back of the cards.

Also important to remember – NEVER slot punch cards before you print them. The rough edges can break your printhead and tear the ribbon.