Magnetic stripe cards are a reliable, affordable technology that can be used for a variety of applications. These cards are an economical way to start a multifunctional card program, and can be used to control access, track meal plan points and forth.

There are a couple of options with magnetic stripe cards. HiCo cards have a higher amount of coercivity, or in other words, they are able to store embedded information longer. Because they require more magnetic pull to alter the polarity of their magnetic field, they are less affected by common items like a refrigerator magnet. These cards last longer, as they are able to better withstand usage.
Meanwhile, LoCo cards are still a good option and cost less. They just don’t have the lifespan of the HiCos, but they are ideal for card programs where cards aren’t used long term. Though less durable, LoCo cards are ideal for organizations that issue new cards every year, or experience a high turnover is card holders.
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