Access control cards come in a wide range of styles and can add functionality to your business. One of the most common questions we get with prox cards, however, is whether you can print on them.

The answer to that really depends on the card material and style.

Why Card Material Matters

Not every card material is designed for printing in an ID card printer – if you try, the card won’t come out looking correct. So if you plan to print on your cards, look for cards specially made for printing.

These types of cards are usually clearly marked – for example, all AlphaPass cards are made from printable materials. Printable cards are available in PVC and composite cards and with or without magnetic stripes.

Why Card Style Matters

The other thing to consider is which style of card you have. Standard-size CR80 cards can be used in a card printer, but the popular clamshell cards do not fit.

Instead, you can print on adhesive-backed cards, and then stick them to the clamshell cards to customize them. Not every ID card printer can handle the smaller adhesive cards, so make sure you check the printer’s specs before printing.

You can also order prox cards, including clamshell cards, pre-printed from the manufacturer if you do not have an ID card printer.