Gone are the days of employee time and attendance systems that use punch cards. With AlphaCard’s Time & Attendance System you can create ID cards that not only identify employees, but also allow you to keep an accurate record of their time and attendance.

The system is powered by the Fargo DTC1000 ID card printer, a versatile and user-friendly card printer that produces professional, full-color photo ID cards. Supporting the printer is AlphaTrack Standard ID card software that allows you to design and print ID cards with detailed photos, colorful graphics, and a wide variety of security elements. You can equip your ID cards with barcodes for easily tracking time and attendance. AlphaTrack Standard provides real-time connectivity to file-based databases. You can quickly search cardholder records, export and print time and attendance reports, and more.
The Time & Attendance System also comes with a Symbol omni-directional barcode scanner, which allows you to easily clock employees in and out every day by holding their ID cards up to the reader. The scanner reads the unique barcode on each employee ID badge. The system also comes with a photo ID camera and printing supplies to keep your card program running.