Recently, we received a call from a distressed mother who had stumbled upon an ID card printer in her stepson’s bedroom. Stumped by its presence, the woman looked it over and discovered our name and phone number on the back of the printer. Our ID experts immediately investigated the issue, using the printer’s serial number to identify the customer who purchased it.

The Enduro ID printer had in fact been stolen from Camp Nah Nah Mah, a University of Utah Health Care burn survivor camp.  The week-long summer camp provides a safe environment for survivors to meet, engage in activities, and hang out with others their age. When we contacted the camp, they were not aware it had been stolen, since the camp doesn’t run during the school year. They were pleased to learn they would have it back in time for next summer’s camp session.

Once the printer was graciously sent back to us, we performed a series of tests on the device to ensure it was still working properly and that all of its accompanying parts were intact.  Luckily, the condition and functionality of the ID printer had not been compromised.  After receiving a stamp of approval from our ID card technicians, we shipped the printer back to Camp Nah Nah Mah.  As a token of our appreciation for our customers, we provided Camp Nah Nah Mah with free printer ribbons and blank ID cards.

We have always been and always will be completely committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We take our relationships with our customer very seriously, and will continue to do all we can to make certain our delivered product remains in their hands.

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