AlphaCard has released a new suite of ID systems geared towards the specific needs of fire departments wishing to print secure photo ID cards. Fire department ID cards play an important role in identifying firefighters and emergency personnel during critical situations, and can also perform a variety of functions, such as access control, around the workplace. AlphaCard’s Fire ID Systems are available in three different versions: The Entry Fire ID System, Standard Fire ID System, and Premium Fire ID System.

The Entry Fire ID System is designed for smaller fire departments in need of an affordable and secure card-printing solution. The system features the Magicard Alto printer along with a custom HoloKote Key. HoloKote is a secure watermark that’s applied to the surface of each printed card at no extra cost. ID card software, a digital camera, and printing supplies are also included with the system.
The Standard Fire ID System includes a Zebra P120i dual-sided ID card printer, AsureID Express software, printing supplies and a camera, plus fingerprint and signature capture devices. This system allows fire departments to produce highly-secure, dual-sided photo ID cards that include electronic signatures and fingerprint scans for identity verification.
The Premium Fire ID System is geared towards larger fire departments with strict security requirement. It features the robust Magicard Tango 2e dual-sided card printer with a secure HoloKote Key, AlphaCard Standard photo ID software, signature and fingerprint capture devices, a digital camera, and printing supplies. This system produces secure, tamper-resistant ID cards featuring elements such as fingerprints and signatures, along with a secure watermark. And because the Magicard Tango 2e features Ethernet connectivity, this is also an ideal system for those operating in a networked environment.