Finding the right ID solution can be tough. To help speed up the search AlphaCard designed a variety of photo ID systems that meet the specific needs of a variety of industries including fire and police departments, construction, and ski resorts. We’ve created systems for each level of the industry, from started systems, right on up to systems including premium technology. Each are tailored to meet the needs of the specified industry. All systems include a professional ID card printer, ID card software for designing ID cards and storing records, a digital camera, and printing supplies and accessories.

Fire departments are some of the first responders in emergencies. Having an ID program in place helps emergency personnel and others on the scene verify the ID of firefighters and helps keep the scene of the emergency secure. Since firefighters are often exposed to harsh environments, our Fire ID systems are designed to print durable and secure cards.
Police ID cards are subject to strict government and security standards. With our Police ID systems, creating ID cards with a host of security features is simple. The police ID systems include starter systems for smaller police stations right on up to premium configurations with features like fingerprint and signature capture devices.
Protecting valuable equipment and regulating safety are top concerns at construction sites. AlphaCard’s Construction ID Systems are designed to help contractors control access to the construction site in order to prevent theft of equipment and supplies. The Premium Construction system can even be used to track construction workers’ time and attendance.
Efficiency is the name of the game at ski resorts. With one of our Ski Resort ID Systems, ski resorts can print durable ski passes that will speed up the process of getting through the lift lines. The Standard and Premium systems can also be used to create employee IDs, helping identify them to the patrons of the resort.