AlphaCard fervently believes in giving back to organizations that make a positive difference in their communities, which is why we launched our AlphaCard Cares Program.  The program provides in-kind donations to nonprofits in need of ID card systems, printers, software, badge holders, or other ID card supplies such as printer ribbons and digital ID cameras.

Recently, AlphaCard Cares donated an ID card system to San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), complete with an ID card printer, ribbons, AlphaCard Light ID Card Software, and a package of professional PVC cards.

Prior to receiving the donation, SDHS did not have an on-site ID card system to print identification cards for Field Service Officers, Law Enforcement, and members of its Animal Rescue Reserve Team, all of whom play a critical role in ensuring animal safety. The new ID card system has allowed SDHS to issue high-quality photo identification cards to these groups to wear off-site.

The AlphaCard Light ID software donated to SDHS is armed with a barrage of features, including pre-defined templates, rich text formatting and integrated photo capture, and a database capable of holding up to 200 records.  The software gives SDHS the ability to design and edit ID cards in just a few clicks, making it easy to make card adjustments as needed.

The in-kind gift has afforded SDHS the opportunity to manage and print ID cards at its location, whereas before, the organization would send ID card requests to the local fire department to print ID cards for these groups. This new in-house ID system ensures that SDHS will have ID cards at its fingertips, especially when an officer or member loses a card. It’s also convenient to have for new hires or volunteers who need a proper ID card right away.  Beforehand, SDHS had to wait for a period of time while the fire department prepared new cards for these individuals. But let’s not forget to mention that SDHS is grateful to the fire department for supplying ID cards for the organization’s employees and volunteers, but now, thanks to the new system, SDHS is able to design and print the cards on its own.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the San Diego Humane Society and their Director of Humane Law Enforcement, Randall Lawrence.  If you work at a nonprofit and are in need of an ID card system or ID card supplies, please contact us through our AlphaCard Cares submission page.

SDHS President Gary Weitzman sent us a thank-you letter for our donation. Click on the image to view the full size:

Thank You Letter from SDHS President Gary Weizman- JPEG for Blog Post