If your organization is looking for ways to display ID cards that are efficient and easy, consider badge reels! These small accessories are lightweight and easy to use, keep your cards easily at hand without getting in the way, and are on sale for only a few more days!

1-150x150If you ID cards need to always face front, no matter what, the newest B-reels are a great choice. In many industries it is required that employee badges always be clearly visible, such as healthcare, and the unique shape of a B-reel ensures that it will always snap back into place with the card facing out.


2-150x150Do you want something colorful instead? Neon badge reels are available in five bright colors—choose from pink, blue, yellow, green, or orange. These reels are built from durable materials to withstand daily use, and the 34” cord lets you easily pull the card out to swipe and unlock doors.



3-150x101Or perhaps you want something more interesting than a standard circle badge reel—try a heart shaped reel instead. Choose from pink, white, red, or translucent red and add some color and fun into your ID card program.


Right now through February 28th you can take 10% off all badge reels with coupon code REELS10. Act fast, there are only three days left to save!

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