Did you know that there are multiple ways to attach your ID card to your lanyard?  When you’re working with us to design a new or updated ID card system for your organization, we’ll help you decide which attachments would work best in your environment. We’re here to give you a quick lesson on the different attachments available.

Swivel Hook:  A popular and affordable choice, the swivel hook design is engineered with a secure hook that attaches to the ID badge and keeps it firmly in place.  The swivel hook is reliable and easy to attach, and can support thick or heavier cards without breaking.

Bead Chain:  A bead or neck chain is crafted to slip through a card hole instead of a slot. It’s perfect for fitting through badge holder slots. The chain also comes in a variety of sizes to fit your style. Note that this is not a breakaway attachment, meaning it is not ideal if you work in physically demanding job environments or where there’s a lot of machinery present.

Bulldog Clip:  With an easy name to remember, the bulldog clip is your best bet for a quick and firm attachment. It hangs straight for maximized visibility and can open if leaned against in case it becomes caught onto machinery or furniture.

Trigger Hook:  Also referred to as a trigger snap or lobster, this small device is very similar in design to the swivel hook. The swivel eye, located on top of the actual clasp, helps prevent tangling of the lanyard so you can rest assured your card is always visible. Trigger hooks come in a variety of finishes such as brass and chrome.

Split Ring:  The key ring attachment is especially recommended if you need to layer more than one item together.  For example, the split ring comes in handy to hold both your keys and your ID badge in a secure and dependable fashion.

Wide Plastic Hook:  These attachments are incredibly easy to attach to your card, simply place a small amount of pressure onto clip to insert through a badge holder slot. The no-twist design is effective for keeping your ID card straight, facing front, and untangled, which is an absolute must in healthcare environments. It’s also an optimal choice for using at trade shows, conventions, and workshops, as it clearly shows the front of the badge to onlookers.

Lanyard Reel: The lanyard reel combines the convenience of a lanyard with the flexibility of a badge reel.  The reel attachment is built with a versatile cord that retracts from the reel for fast swiping.  We highly recommend this attachment for access control settings, as it can be stowed away right after use.